• Shellac: £17.00
  • Gellish: £17.00
  • Rockstar Toes: £17.00
*New* Rockstar Toes:

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Nail Enhancements

A natural finish to your natural nail or tip using either an acrylic or gel overlay.


Gelish is a new amazing treatment offering the following benifits:
  • Lasts for up to four weeks with no wearing or chipping.
  • Choose from an array of colours
  • Adds strength to the natural nails
  • Causes no harm to the natural nails
  • Soaks off within 10 minutes
  • Requires no infills
  • Can be applied to natural nails or enhancements
  • Available for fingers or toes


Can be used with a tip and then a Gel overlay or just a Gel overlay on a natural nail

Shellac Colour

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